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2017-2018 Staff







Tyler Vu

Sports editor

Hello, my name is Tyler Vu. This is my second year on the Ranch Review staff. This is also my second year as the Sports Editor. As you may have guessed, I am a big sports fanatic, especially football. I hope to spread my love...

Carlo Valencia

Staff Reporter

My name is Carlo Valencia and I am a senior at Otay Ranch High School. This is my first year being a reporter for the Ranch Review. I am Filipino and the youngest of two kids, I live with my parents and grandma. Being the youngest...

Jazzy Tompkins

Staff Reporter

Hello! My name is Jazzy Tompkins and this is my first year in newspaper. I am a senior and I have only played three sports in my life and they were soccer, baseball, and softball. I am currently playing softball and it's going...

Emiliano Soto

A & E Editor

Cristina Sandoval

Staff Reporter

Hi, my name is Cristina Sandoval, I'm a junior and I'm a reporter for the Ranch Review. A little bit about me is I play basketball, like the color purple, and absolutely love my dog. I also like dying my hair and wearing flower...

Lieth Palestino

Staff Reporter

Hello my name is Lieth Palestino and I am one of the Ranch Review staff reporters. I am a senior and this is my first year in Newspaper. I took this class to further advance my writing skills and to feel more attached to the school....

Isaac Ochoa

News Editor

Sarah Ley

Staff Reporter

Hi my name is Sarah Ley. I love writing and stating my own opinion so that's why I joined Newspaper. I have been dancing since I was about six years old and am currently on two dance teams here at Otay Ranch High School. I would...

Josh Lee

Staff Reporter

My name is Josh Lee and I am a senior attending Otay Ranch High School. This is my first year writing for newspaper and hope to improve with time. I am Korean and live with both of my parents. Being an only child get’s boring...

Assad Khalilzadeh

Staff Reporter

I’m Assad Khalilzadeh, I’m a Junior at Otay and a staff reporter for the Ranch Review. I am a first year in the Newspaper Program and it’s pretty fun. I joined this class because I was in KORtv last year and I really liked...

Hayden Karkainen

Opinion editor

Hello, my name is Hayden Karkainen and I am in 10th grade. I am the opinion editor for the Ranch Review, and try my best to be as critical and objective as possible in a subjective field. I enjoy writing and hope I can help contribute...

Jaiber Jones

Staff Reporter

My name is Jaiber Jones. My current grade is ninth at Otay Ranch High School. I am a reporter for The Ranch Review at this high school. It is my first year at this school and at The Ranch Review. I hope my stories will bring much...

Trinity Johnson

Staff Reporter

I'm Trinity and I am a member of The Ranch Review staff. I'm open minded yet closed. I know I love culture and music more than anything. I am also a freshman. The reason behind my watching most movies, is every weekend my dad...

Elissa Huynh

InDepth editor

My name is Elissa Huynh and I am the in-depth editor. I am a senior, and this is my second year in the newspaper staff. I used to be the sports editor for one semester. I like croutons, fries, and boba. I really like it when it’s...

Markus Garrett

Features editor

Abby Galdamez

Staff Reporter

Hey my name is Abby Galdamez. My love for writing and reading motivated me to take this course. It is my first year and i'm very excited to be part of the media team. I am Salvadorian and a Senior here at Otay. My addiction is...

Marisa Contreras

Staff Reporter

Hi my name is Marisa Contreras, this is my first year in newspaper, last year I took a social issues and film class which I liked very much how it interpreted what was actually going on in the real world into class and how and...

Vanessa Castellon


My name is Vanessa Castellon, I am the Editor-in-Chief of The Ranch Review. This is my third year in newspaper, my first year I was co-editor of the A&E section, last year I was Managing and Copy Editor. I really love dogs,...

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