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Senior Spreads Advice

Carlo Valencia, Staff Reporter

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Freshman year is one of transition from middle school to high school. Luckily the upperclassmen, who were once an freshman, are all willing to give pointers on how to “survive” the first year of high school.

The best advice a freshmen can receive is from a senior or junior because those two classes know-how high school is and how to deal with the different situations one would face in and outside of school.

Niko Koltsidas, a senior at Otay Ranch High School, has taken advice from seniors when he was a freshmen and applied it to the rest of his high school career. He’s also willing to spread the advice to the freshman class of 2021.

“The seniors of class 2015 told me to have fun, be yourself, surround yourself with people who inspire you, and don’t pay attention to haters,” said Koltsidas. “I told the same advice to my sister who’s now a sophomore and she’s doing just fine.”

After being given advice, freshmen are usually become more relaxed and comfortable with their surroundings and tend to enjoy their first year at high school.

“Seniors and the advice they gave me helped me throughout my three years of high school,” said Justin Legaspi, another senior at Otay Ranch. “They only said that ‘you need to focus on your studies, but not take school super serious’ and I applied that to my life and I enjoyed every year.”

Other students weren’t given advice when they were freshmen yet they’re still having a good time at school.

“I was never given advice and I’m having a good experience at school,” said Josh Paulo, ORHS senior. “I made high school fun on my own and with my friends which a lot of freshmen can do if they aren’t told any advice from their parents or  upperclassmen. Freshmen don’t really need advice for high school because it’s the same feeling you get when you first enter elementary school or even middle school.”







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Senior Spreads Advice