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Clubs are Plentiful at ORHS

Assad Khalilzadeh, Staff Reporter

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Clubs are a part of Otay Ranch High School, there are vast amounts to satisfy almost everyone’s needs which is a great thing, but it can also be bad. Due to the numerous amounts of clubs not many people are able to figure out which one to join. On the ORHS website the ASB is currently working on a full list of all the club charters, so that it makes it easier to choose which club to join.

There are some clubs that are advertised often such as Chargers Club, Genders United and CSF, but that also leaves clubs such as the Chess club, Anime Club, and many others unexposed and unable to have enough members to continue.

“We just weren’t able to raise enough money,”  said Sid Cu, former president of the now non-existent Rubik’s Cube club.

Clubs like the Rubik’s club were not able to continue due to the fact that there just wasn’t enough people joined or willing to join and raise money to keep it going, “It was a shame to see it go….but the kids still meet up in my class anyways,” said Mr. Betz, former club adviser.

“It was a really rewarding experience because I got to meet new people, I made new friends and I encourage everyone especially underclassmen to sign up for a class this year” from Nia Aguinaldo, President of Genders United club.

Genders United has been a club here at Otay for multiple years and has numerous members that always show up whenever there is a meeting or club get together. Though GU has thrived, others haven’t and too many clubs have not continued due to lack of having enough members to continue, a teacher willing to become the adviser, etc.

Though KORtv does show off a couple of clubs here at school, it would be difficult for everyone to keep everyone’s interest in the show if they were just showing off one or two clubs everyday. “Showing a club package usually loses interest in people and they don’t care,” said Dillon Tween director of KORtv, “ we do them every once in a while so clubs get a little bit of a spotlight on them, but we don’t do them often.”

Club Rush is an event during lunch on the ranch way here at Otay Aug. 15 that actually lets clubs get a spotlight on themselves. This can help them get more members, but others ask why only do it once a year. “Club Rush is fun,” said Cu, “but if we could do it more than once a year, we probably could’ve continued [the rubik’s cube club].”

Clubs usually meet once, twice, or three times a week during lunch in the adviser’s classroom. Clubs usually meet for most the the 30 minute lunch period. If there is any specific club that you would like to join, find someone who is in that club or the adviser and start asking them questions about the club to see if you may be interested in it.














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Clubs are Plentiful at ORHS