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Community Service Enhances College Application

Markus Garrett, Feature Editor

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Community service is a great way to enhance a college application, programs concerning a major will boost a student’s portfolio. For a student aware of what field they are going into, or what major they are interested in, it would be even more beneficial to enter a community service program in that specific area to get their feet wet. Going above the 30 hours required to graduate is recommended for students applying to top tier schools.

For example, students interested in the medical branch should look for opportunities in local facilities, hospitals and childcare units to start. Sharp Hospitals have volunteer programs that requiring a selection process. Scripps Ranch Hospital also has a volunteer program.

“Since I’ve been involved in the Sharp Hospital Volunteer Program, I have realized that nursing is definitely the profession that I want to pursue. It allowed me to see how many doors and opportunities will open for me considering there’s multiple areas nursing can branch off into, it’s not just one field,” said Nellyana Guillen, senior

Getting involved in extra-curricular activities outside of school will give students hoping to get into the upper tier colleges a legitimate foundation for applications, being that these colleges prefer more than the required 30 hours. In addition, it gives students a closer look on what they will get into if they choose to progress with that certain major.

“For college and scholarship applications community service programs that focus on certain fields are great, especially if it shows consistency throughout the years; having this consistency can provide more depth to the work a student has done and show progression. It also helps to see if you’re even interested in that field seriously,” said Amelia Cendejas, school counselor.

On one hand, involvement could spark the flame of interest, on the other it could steer someone to a major that is more fitting.

“I’ve become the active president of the South Bay Young Democrats Club for two years in the making, and the program has helped me become familiar with big names in politics, network with my colleges of different race, status and background also while creating close relations with students from UCSD,” said Sebastian Morales, ORHS President of SBYD and Otay Ranch Young Democrats. “The major I see myself going into is business, communications or journalism, and the democrats program has for sure influenced my major in that, I am able to communicate with pretty much anyone now and I enjoy working with people of power.”

To add on, just taking the step to get exposure to any kind of potential profession benefits a student because it allows someone to get some experience and decide what they want for themselves.



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Community Service Enhances College Application