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Drama Not only for Girls and Geeks

Tyler Vu, Sports Editor

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Casemi Simmon is not an ordinary student. Simmon is a senior. Standing at 6’1, 210 pounds, Simmon is a defensive and offensive lineman for the football team. Looking at his stature, one would assume that Simmons is a phenomenal athlete. Besides the normal teenager activities, listening to music and hanging out with friends, he has an uncommon interest. Simmons loves theatrical drama.

Most people have the common misconception that theatrical drama is only for “girls and geeks”. They think that theatrical drama possesses no kind of masculinity. This misbelief does not affect Simmon’s interest in Drama.

“I’ve always been a class clown ever since I could remember,” said Simmons. “And in the sixth grade, I was able to express my character in theatrical Drama.”

Simmon has been a “well-rounded” student ever since he was young. Simmons was always involved in sports, acting for theatrical drama, and singing in choirs. The reason why Simmons was so engaged in various activities is because of his struggles growing up.

“My childhood was rough,” said Simmons. “Being exposed to tormenting things that still haunts me today. I’m doing better now in my adopted family, but my childhood was clearly not the best. “So, my silliness and my outgoing attitude was a way for me to cope with the pain.”

Simmon’s peers were somewhat shocked that a person like him would even want to join the drama programs. ORHS Senior and Drama member Alexis Flores was somewhat shocked to see Casemi joined the program. Then again, drama is always receiving members with various backgrounds and personalities.

“Simmon did surprise me when he first showed up to The Outsiders auditions,” said Flores. “However, due to Drama drawing so many different kinds of people, I’m never really that surprised with who joins.”

Flores met a few times prior to the drama program and got to know Simmon’s personality more. Flores developed a special bond with him due to his positive attitude and work ethic.

“Our friendship has definitely grown since he joined drama.” said Flores. “He’s just so much fun to be around, I always love talking to him.”

Simmon admits that his most memorable moments in his life occurred on stage. In last year’s play, The Complete Works of William Shakespeare, Simmons believed the play was very challenging to prepare for, yet the crew still managed to have an amazing performance.

“It wasn’t your traditional play,” said Simmons. “You had to be very skilled at improv in order to pull it off, which we nailed.”

Nonetheless, many of the drama members believe that Simmons has impacted the drama program. Simmons has portrayed Professor Higgins in Pygmalion, played various characters in The Complete Works of William Shakespeare (Abridged), and many more. Whether it is performing a major role in a play or putting a smile on many faces, Simmon’s impact is unquestionable. According to Flores, Simmon made athletes open their minds about drama and possibly considered joining drama.

“He’s fearless on stage and I think that inspired other actors to have a little more boldness as well, which makes the show that much better,” said Flores. “He’s also super popular around campus, so he’s the reason for twenty-five percent of our sales”

The drama program has played a pivotal role in Simmon’s life. Simmons met a lot of extraordinary people in the program and learned how to expand his horizon not only as an actor but as a person as well. Simmons wants people to know that Drama is not just for “girls and geeks”.

“Drama is incredible and definitely beneficial as much as to boys than girls,” said Simmons.  We don’t judge anybody, so don’t be shy. Drama brings the light out of anyone who is willing to give it a chance. The worst-case scenario is we do a show and rock the house, like we, mustangs, always do.”

As Simmon approaches his senior year, he hopes to further his career as an actor. Simmon doesn’t only want to be known for his acting however, he wants to be known for making an impact on his audience.

“My future goal is to become a great actor like Will Smith or Idris Elba,” said Simmons. “Someone who will find a way not only to entertain but to inspire the crowd.”


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Drama Not only for Girls and Geeks