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Mrs. Mangarin Retiring

Cristina Sandoval, Staff Reporter

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Terry Mangarin, Otay Ranch AP Spanish teacher has decided to retire this year after forty years of teaching. 

Throughout her career, Mangarin has taught at multiple schools over the course of her career including Castle Park High School, Southwest High School, and Mar Vista High School as well as some other schools in Los Angeles and has been teaching at Otay since 2004.  

“Ever since I was six years old, I knew I wanted to teach,” said Mangarin. “My mother wanted to be a teacher and I think consequently she got me interested in teaching.”  

Mangarin lived in Mexicali for the first fourteen years of her life and then moved to America with her family where she learned English and later went to UC Santa Barbara and eventually became a teacher.  

Mangarin said she knew she wanted to be a teacher since she was six years old and was inspired by her mother.  

“My mother couldn’t do it because she was in the old country and women didn’t just go away to college in those days so I decided that I would do it to kinda keep her tradition alive,” said Managarin.   

After a few years of ups and downs at the beginning of her teaching career, she started loving it.  

“It became not a job but something wonderful to do, to help students become what they want to do in life.” 

Mangarin said she never wanted to stop teaching.  

“Actually now its kinda ambivalent at this time when I’m going to retire. It’s kinda sad but its kinda happy.” 

Mangarin said her favorite subject that she taught was AP Spanish because it’s a lot of fun.  

“In AP, I get to be more creative in the way that i teach. It’s not so scripted. I get to pick and choose what it is that i teach to the kids,“ said Mangarin.  

Teachers like Marcos Ochoa and Carla Kincaid have mixed feelings about Ms. Managarin’s retirement.  

Kincaid, ORHS Spanish teacher, said she was Mangarin’s student teacher many years ago at Castle Park High School and felt blessed to have her as a master teacher.  

“I call her my guardian angel and now that she’s retiring I don’t know what I’m going to do but I will continue to ask for her wise council guidance and words. So, what can I say, I have been blessed,” said Kincaid.  

Kincaid said what she loves most about Mangarin is her giving, kind heart, her wittiness, and her knowledge.  

“And all her knowledge that she so graciously shares with me and other teachers and especially the students have benefitted from what she has given throughout her educational career and teaching career.  

Kincaid said she loved going to workshops with Mangarin, as well as working on projects and chatting with her. They also loved helping each other through the childhood years of their children.  

While she is very happy for Mangarin, Kincaid said she will miss her very much.  

”We’ve pretty much shared pretty much a lifetime of friendship in the same teaching career. It’s been close to 20 years of friendship and knowing each other professionally. My friendship with her is one of those that i hold dear to my heart,” said Kincaid.  

Mangarin was Mr. Ochoa’s and Ms. Monge’s AP Spanish teacher during their high school years at castle park and Ochoa remembers her class to be fun and comfortable.  

“Ms. Monge and I are both teachers who look back at our past and we remember being in her class and having a lot of positive moments in it,” said Ochoa.  

Ochoa went on to say that Mangarin is an inspiration and he admires her dedication, her compassion, her consistency and her ability to care so much.  

“I just know that any time I go home and come back to go coach or whatever, her car is still there. So if anyone’s here putting in an extra hour, its been her forever.” 

He said he will continue to look up to her and ask her for advice.  

“Im nowhere near as awesome as she is but i think as long as i aim to be like her im going to be okay. “ 

He is also happy for Mangarin but sad that she is leaving.  

“Congratulations Mrs. Mangarin we’re gonna miss you and don’t be a stranger,” said Ochoa.  

Vicente Martinez met Mangarin during his sophomore year of high school in 1992 by becoming friends with her daughter at Eastlake High School.  

Martinez said that one of the things that stands out most and admires about Mangarin is how she respects and is as kind to teenagers as she is to adults.  

“So when I was just a scrawny, skinny, ugly, lanky freshman/sophomore, she treated me with so much kindness and respect, and now that I’m her colleague, many years later, she doesn’t treat me any differently and you have to respect someone who treats people like people, just with kindness, love and courtesy.” 

Martinez calls her an amazing human being and will miss her dearly.  

During her career, Mangarin has gone through a lot of hard times and she appreciates her friends and family,especially her brother and her mom, helping her.  

“The hardest thing I’ve gone through is bring up my kids by myself. With this type of career when you have a 180 kids here too, it’s a little difficult. You have to juggle a lot and learn to balance career and home life with three children on your own,” said Mangarin. “It’s good to have good friendships with people.” 

She said it’s important to her to retire this year after watching some of her friends not able to appreciate their retirement to the full extent.  

“In the last year and a half, I have seen too many of my friends not being able to enjoy their retirement so I want to make the choice now,” she said.  

Mangarin is now looking forward to enjoying her retirement and spending time with her three daughters and seven grandchildren.  

“It’s been a great 40 years. I think I can do another 10 but you have to close one chapter in your life to open another one and I want to enjoy probably my last grandbaby that was just born a month ago and so I’m going to be watching her for a couple of years until she goes to preschool. It’s time to do something else,” said Mangarin.  

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