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When You’re Having Fun —

TYLER THE CREATOR and Vince Staples

Kiara Stevenson, Staff Reporter

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People don’t usually desire standing in a room filled with thousands of sweaty people, moving around and knocking into each other, and screaming at the top of their lungs. It actually sounds nightmarish but, when singing the same songs, watching favorite artists passionately rap and “kind of” sing, all the discomfort disappears.

Seeing as how it was a General Admission concert, people rushed into the front. It was easier to get to the front if you got their first. My friends and I didn’t have much trouble getting past people even though we left the crowd about three times for mini breaks from all the foot stomping and excess heat. Most of the fans were friendly and if you did need to get out of the sweaty mass of people, you practically parted the red sea.

The opener of the show, a DJ and close friend of Tyler, named Taco, was charismatic and goofy. He took the time to stop songs and make sure everyone in the crowd was all right, even going as far as pointing out one girl who was having trouble in the middle of a mosh pit, and played some pretty hyped songs like Plain Jane (remix) by A$AP Ferg, a personal favorite of mine, and Roll In Peace by Kodak Black, who the crowd seemed they couldn’t care less about.

After about a 15 or 20 minute intermission break, Vince Staples broke onto stage with one of the most innovative sets I’d ever seen. Between tracks were news segments that set up for the next song he was going to perform. When “Norf Norf” came on the crowd lost it. He also took a minute to pause the song and asked the crowd to be loud and have as much fun as possible to help him through the loss of his brother just the night before. The set was pretty long, he performed about 7 songs for the night which seemed longer than the main performance but, all in all, he woke up the crowd and hooked the audience into a storyline while keeping everyone happy and lively.

After Vince Staples, we waited about 30 minutes for stage crew to set up Tyler’s backdrop for his performance. The anticipation was perfect, there were moments when we thought the show would start because people were screaming but, it was really just stage assistants spraying the front crowd with water to cool us down. When the time finally did come for Tyler to come on, it was deafening. Every single person in the room was on their feet chanting as the clock counted down. It was like a scene out of a movie when the curtain dropped and revealed the “Flower Boy.” He opened with an older song of his, “ZIPLOC,”  that set the tone for the rest of the night perfectly. From that point on it was like a trance, you sang the words to the songs you loved and knew and for those who were a little lost they filled the room with screams instead. Before “I Ain’t Got Time” Tyler made a special request to his crowd that did throw everyone off for a little bit. He asked every person in the room to put their phones away and, “Go buck wild!.” He told the crowd to enjoy the moment in front of them instead of recording it through screens. The moment the song started it was a flash of worry, then all hesitation was knocked out by the people surrounding each other who began slamming into each other like seals. The best song of the night by far was “Who Dat Boy,” the suspenseful and eery intro created a pleasant form of anguish in the hearts of everyone. As his most recent single, about 99 percent of the audience knew every lyric and it was a beautiful experience.

Tyler the Creator brought a new definition of artist that night and if there’s ever a moment to call ethereal, it was the four hours of: waiting, screaming and dancing with great people all around. ⅘



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When You’re Having Fun —