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Cap and Gowns

Carlo Valencia, Staff Reporter

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With graduation soon approaching, seniors should take into account the purchase of their cap and gowns.

The history of graduation cap and gown began in 12th century Europe and was used out of necessity to keep warm during the ceremony. The graduates during the beginning of cap and gowns were aspiring clerics or already clerics who wore a long robe and hood for heat while the ceremony began. Later that century, the use of the gown worn during graduation was made the official attire for the ceremony to prevent excessive apparel. The cap on the other hand was inspired by a device used by masons which signified superiority and intelligence.

The color of the gowns can differ on the level of education the students graduate from. In lower levels like kindergarten or eighth grade promotion all wear a one color gown due to no scholarship program available for kindergarten or middle school. In high school, the school would choose to have the graduates wear one of the school colors for graduation, while students who qualify for an honors program like CSF would graduate a different color like white.

On the college level the color of the gown you wear at graduation depends on the major the student pursued throughout their college career. Yet as of high school graduation, the school decides one color for the senior class and one for a honors program. For high school seniors, they have a choice between buying or renting their cap and gown.

Niko Koltsidas, a senior of Otay, rented his cap and gown early this year.

“I knew that I wasn’t going to see this gown after my graduation and also I’ll never wear this out casually.” said Niko. “People who buy their cap and gowns should reconsider because it’s cheaper to just rent it, but if you have a younger sibling that’s attending the same school then it’s pretty smart to buy it.”

Jacob Le, another senior here at Otay bought his cap and gound for this years graduation.

“The only reason why I bought it was because of my parents,” said Jacob, “ They just wanted a reminder of my high school graduation besides my diploma.”

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Cap and Gowns