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December 11, 2017

As winter approaches the many people around the world are bundled up in heavy jackets and wool socks, drinking hot cocoa and enjoying the warmth of the indoors. On the other hand, ORHS senior, Warren Reototar is gearing up in his 3/2 wetsuit to head out and “shred the gnar.”

“When it comes to surfing, the best times are during the late fall and throughout the winter,” Reototar said, due to the “large swells pumping out the whole coast of California” attracting avid surfers like Reototar.

Many believe the conditions of surfing during the winter are unbearable with low temperatures and large swells. To Reototar, “what’s great is the water isn’t TOO cold” during the winter dropping as low as 60 degrees Fahrenheit. Reototar gets around this by wearing a 3/2 full wetsuit locking in body warmth, which is enough to fix the problem for him.

As many are in the snow during these months Reototar enjoys the contrasting location. He enjoys embracing the SoCal atmosphere and encourages everybody to try and learn how to surf. “ I think it is a great way to enjoy the beauty San Diego has to offer year-round,” he said.

“If you’re new to surfing to surfing I’d recommend learning how to read a surf report and use apps like ‘surfline’ and ‘Windy,’” Reototar said.

The apps “Surfline” and “Windy” allow people to know when a huge swell is heading toward the nearest beach. Awareness of swells help learners experience smaller and safer waves to surf on.
“Surfing is always a great time especially with the right people,” Reototar said. “Riding the big waves and having a good laugh always makes the day better.”

During the holidays Christmas tree picking, meet and greets with Santa and ice skating attract people all over, but the holiday surf is what Reototar and others like him, live for in Sunny San Diego.

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