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Holiday Movies

December 11, 2017


“Just remember, the true spirit of Christmas lies in your heart,” said Santa in The Polar Express. As Christmas approaches, old and new Christmas movies play all the time to try and put you into the Christmas spirit.

Movies like The Nightmare Before Christmas, Elf, The Polar Express and Home Alone are in the top 50 for Best Christmas Movies of All Time, according to  Thrilllist,

The Nightmare Before Christmas

“I love The Nightmare Before Christmas because I can watch it in October and December,” said Emily Hatch, ORHS junior.

It’s about Halloweentown’s popular pumpkin king, Jack Skellington, a skeleton who was becoming bored with Halloween and found Christmastown, where he took over the role of Santa Claus, or “Sandy Claws” as Jack calls it in the movie.

Things go wrong as all the presents Jack delivered turned out to be Halloween themed and scare the children and adults.

The movie has comedy, action, romance as well as musical numbers.

It is also admired for its animation using stop motion and puppets.

“I like The Nightmare Before Christmas because I like its animation because its different from a typical Christmas movie and makes it extra special,” said Isabella Pacello, ORHS junior.

Elf  is favorited by others because of its comedy. This movie is about a little boy named Buddy (Will Ferrell),  who is accidentally transported to the North Pole and lives among Santa’s elves until he is an adult with the feeling of not fitting in.

He leaves the North Pole in search of his real father and a sense of belonging, but when Buddy does find his father, they have a difficult time building a relationship because Buddy is overenergetic and happy while his dad is serious and businesslike.

Eventually, they get along and the movie really emphasizes the message that the holidays bring people together and that Christmas spirit is important.

“I love Elf because it is funny and Will Ferrell is awesome,” said Areli Salinas, ORHS Junior.

According to the Ranch Review poll, Elf is currently winning for school’s favorite Christmas movie.

The Polar Express is also a popular Christmas movie because of the songs and its heart-warming message that faith is strong and those who believe live a fuller life. This one is about a kid, who is losing his faith in Santa, going on adventure to the North Pole and along the way meets people and starts believing in Santa again.

“My family and I watch The Polar Express every year on Christmas and I love it because of the cinematography and it feels like you’re on an adventure with the main character,” said Jezelle Edora, ORHS senior.

Last but not least, Home Alone is loved by some also because of its comedy and action. Home Alone is about a young boy who is left by his family on accident on Christmas and while he’s home alone, two men try to rob the house so the kid has to fight back using a series of creative traps.

Home Alone is my favorite Christmas movie because it’s funny,” said Alyssa Braisted, ORHS sophomore.



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