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Popular Brand Not for Everyone

Abby Galdamez, Staff Reporter

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A stigma often follows the typical California girl. These long-haired, slim, bikini wearing girls are also labeled as Brandy girls. Huffpost named Brandy Melville as the “hottest teen retailer in the U.S.” Headquartered in Southern California the brand known as Brandy Melville was launched in Italy 15 years ago. The family owned business expanded into select locations in the U.S. in 2009. The brand is known for their All-American teen dream aesthetic that has captivated the eyes of millions of teen girls. ranked it No.

Those who haven’t walked into a Brandy Melville store might encounter these girls at the beach, at the mall, and very possibly all over any social media outlet. With a 3.8 million following on Instagram the quickest way to catch up on the stores’ most popular items is to check out their page. When shopping at an actual location the store itself seems to have an Instagram filter. The all bleached wood and muted palette walls create the vibe of the brand. San Diego has only one location in Pacific beach. Stores like Pacsun and Nordstrom only carry select items.

“I love how casual and laid back some of their pieces are,” Gemma Hawkins, sophomore, has a closet filled with clothing from Brandy. She went on to describe how easy it is to look cute yet comfortable with many of their pieces.

Everything from the faded denim to the vast crop top selection is a huge selling point to their customers. Not to mention more than half of their clothing is very soft and comfortable since they are made with 100 percent cotton can be incorporated into several different outfits. The clothes are often sold at reasonable prices. Dresses, skirts, sweaters and cardigans fun from $20 to $40. Plenty of tops cost less than $30 and some go for as low as $12.

The brand has often caught a negative drift from customers because of their “one size fits most” policy. According to the Huffpost, “Brandy Melville has raised the stakes when it comes to fat-shaming. At Brandy Melville, nearly all the clothes run small it is rare to find a size medium. Rachel Simmons, co-founder of the Girls Leadership Institute, a national nonprofit group, said Brandy Melville puts teen girls through the “paces of the popularity jungle,” recreating the challenge of having to be the best and coolest in school. This brand is all about your body. That’s an alarming message to put out to impressionable teenage girls, said Simmons.

One size does not fit most. According to the Los Angeles Times, the average American woman is a size 14. The crop-tops and miniskirts that litter the shelves of Brandy Melville would barely cover the average American. The brand has responded in an interview with USA Today addressing the issue by saying that even if the clothes won’t satisfy everyone a customer will always have the option of leaving with an accessory.

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Popular Brand Not for Everyone