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Senior Year Too Expensive

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Carlo Valencia, Staff Reporter

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Senior year is the year of SAT and ACT scores, stressing over college applications, and most of all spending tons of money in senior expenses. Senior expenses will affect every senior throughout the whole year from senior portraits to grad night. By the end of the year, seniors will spend hundreds of dollars on all their expenses. These expenses are too costly for high school students, especially for seniors when they have to worry about making their transition to college or adulthood.

Seniors mostly spend too much money on the unnecessary which leaves them with spare change on the expenses that matter. The senior class should focus and invest their money on college applications, AP tests and senior portraits. College applications in California can range from about $50-$90 and this price could drastically increase if one does apply to multiple colleges. Seniors wouldn’t normally take AP tests because they don’t want to stress on their last year of high school, but normally it would cost them from $45-$95 and can also increase in class based on how many tests a student wants to take. Senior portraits normally have packages they can select from which ranges from $20-$600.

The added expenses they face are yearbooks, homecoming, grad night, and prom which add to a cost that reaches to half a thousand dollars. A senior edition year book for the Otay Ranch 2018 senior class cost $65, homecoming tickets were priced from $45-$55, and their prom is undetermined but could cost $60-$80. Their grad night was given a price of around

The parents of the students are usually the ones who need to worry about the expenses most of the time, which adds on to the stress of both the parents and the students. The ones who suffer the most are those who have low income, making the expenses difficult to achieve and would have to rely on themselves to pay for the charges. This can double the overall transaction that is already too expensive to pay for.

For some, spending this amount of money is worth since it’s their last year of high school and would want to make the most out of it. Most are willing to add on to their receipt of expenses to have the best possible senior experiences one is able to have. Most of the time money isn’t an issue since by then seniors are more likely to have a part time job with an increased minimum wage that happened earlier in the year. The money they make isn’t taxed since they still live under a guardian which benefits them greatly when it comes to spending money throughout the year.

Senior expenses are way too costly for a teenager and the amount can fluctuate depending how much they’re willing to spend. The money that goes into the unnecessary spending could benefit the student as they enter college in which more money will be spent on books and tuition. The senior expenses are unnecessarily expensive and shouldn’t be pressed on a high schooler.



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Senior Year Too Expensive