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Love for Thrift Stores Leads to Affordable Fashion

Buffalo Exchange in Hillcrest has current and vintage clothing

Buffalo Exchange in Hillcrest has current and vintage clothing

Buffalo Exchange in Hillcrest has current and vintage clothing

Emiliano Soto, A & E editor

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Today’s youth culture has a newfound love for the art of thrifting. Second hand stores, also known as thrift stores, offer clothes in all shapes, sizes and patterns for amazing prices! Teenagers browse the racks filled with vintage clothes from the strangest style, to the most fashionable. The variety of clothes is immense. Clothing articles with brand and designer names have a low price. Some stories have designer clothing like Tommy Hilfiger, Ralph Lauren, Versace and brands like Nike, Supreme, Adidas and many more.

“I think the best thing about thrift stores is just how different everything in there is. Nothing is the same so everything feels unique. For example, one time I got these Vivienne Westwood plaid trousers. First of all the fact that they had Vivienne Westwood was fierce already,” said Kiara Stevenson, senior. “I told myself ‘you’re getting these I don’t care how much they are’ and to my surprise they were only $17 so It was a match made in heaven.”

“I feel Thrift stores are more efficient for back to school since an individual would be able to get a much wider selection for their closet than shopping at a regular mall for clothes that normally are at a much higher price. I mostly buy at thrift stores because I’m broke but also I feel like the clothes there are filled with so many individual stories and I think it’s cool to wear people’s stories,” said Shantal Muños, senior.

San Diego has a broad range of thrift stores in the Hillcrest area. These stores include Goodwill, Buffalo Exchange, Flashbacks, Thrift Trader, Lost & Found, Luigy Vera’s Sell Trade and more. Many of these stores, Goodwill, Thrift Trader and Buffalo Exchange in particular, offer student discount, if buyers have their school ID. Salvation Army and Goodwill takes donations everyday as well as many others, Thrift Trader and Buffalo Exchange exclusively offer store credit or cash in return for any donations. Although thrifting can be an activity for any day, thrift store offer an even wider selection on specific days  after the shelves are restocked.

“I think the best time to go thrift shopping is any time to be honest, because thrift stores get so much clothes everyday, others restock on Tuesdays or Fridays like Buffalo Exchange. But there’s no wrong answers as to when you should go thrifting. Just go it’s a lot of fun,” said Junior Pacio, junior.


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Love for Thrift Stores Leads to Affordable Fashion