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Popular Toy Can Relieve Stress and Frustration

The fidget spinner amazes Carranza and Tran.

The fidget spinner amazes Carranza and Tran.

Elissa Huynh, In-depth Editor

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They line up shelves in malls and stores. They come in about a 3-inch size and different colors and designs. They spin and can do tricks like balancing on people’s faces. Fidget spinners rose as trendy toys since this spring.

For years, kids with autism and anxiety use fidget spinners as a device to help with concentration, according to USA Today. Now people can buy them from Amazon and 7-Eleven quickly.

“I believe they are popular as they both help relieve stress and create fun memes for all,” said Jackie Carranza, ORHS senior.

Fidget spinners dominated the best-selling toys and games on Amazon according to USA Today. Manufacturers produce them as fast as they can.

“Fidget spinners for me is not a hobby or a toy,” said Tran. “To me, it’s a lifestyle.”

“I can’t live without my fidget spinner.””

— Luong Tran

Catherine Hettinger invented the similar toy that led to the fidget spinner to provide a way to relieve stress and frustration according to Independent News. She heard that kids threw rocks at the police when she visited Israel and wanted to people to have a non-violent option to release negative energy.

In 1997, Hettinger secured a patent for the fidget spinner according to The New York Times. Since then, many small manufacturers sold their versions of the toys like as therapeutic aid for children with autism, anxiety or ADHD.

“I can’t live without my fidget spinner. It keeps me active and it helps me think,” said Luong Tran, ORHS senior. “During Christmas time, I was bored at home and I was like ‘Wow look at this toy’ and it became my life.”

Fidget spinners attract adults also according to The Washington Post. They appear in workplaces and a Fidget SpinnerCon will even be held in Bloomington, Minnesota in October.

“Fidget spinners are nice for Snapchats,” said Jackie Carranza, ORHS senior. “I like the ones with the Bluetooth speaker.”

Classrooms started banning fidget spinners due to theft and distractions they cause. For example, a middle school in Williamstown, New Jersey ruled that they had to remain in backpacks because they were distracting according to USA Today.

“When I was in APUSH, I was just spinning both of them,” said Tran. “And I was like wait let me try to cross them and when I tried to cross them the first time they perfectly passed through each other without hitting.”

Similar toys became popular like the fidget cube, which also relieves stress and anxiety. It has features that people can spin, roll and click according to CBS News.


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Popular Toy Can Relieve Stress and Frustration