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105 Year Old Cookie The Best Cookie

Evan Amos

Evan Amos

Lieth Palestino, Staff Reporter

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What makes Oreos the best cookie? The fact that there are different shapes, fillings, sizes and flavors. Oreos are sold almost everywhere in the world. The endless possibilities of mixing Oreos in different foods and unique flavors make it the best choice when trying to decide on what cookie to eat.

The Oreo cookie brand can be traced to over 100 years ago in 1912. The first cookies were sold March 6, 1912, in Hoboken, New Jersey. It was originally called the “Oreo Biscuit” but in 1921 it was renamed “Oreo Sandwich”. It changed its name a lot over the years. Some names include the Oreo Cream Sandwich and Oreo Chocolate Sandwich Cookie.

Oreo comes in many different shapes and sizes. These include Double Stuf, Bite Size Oreo, Big Stuf, Oreo thins, Triple Double Oreo and Football Oreos, which are Oreos shaped as American Footballs.

They also don’t all come in the same cream flavor. Oreo flavors include chocolate, lemon, cool mint, peanut butter, sugar free, golden, reduced fat and organic Oreo.

The Oreo company has also expanded outside of just selling cookies. Oreo doughnuts are sold in the United Kingdom, Oreo straws can be used as a straw and then eaten, Oreo WaferStix, the popular Oreo ice cream Cookies and Cream, fudge covered Oreos and Oreo Brownies.

There are tons of region exclusive Oreo flavors. Some flavors are only available in certain countries. China and Japan have Green tea Oreo, Indonesia has Coconut delight, Malaysia has Blueberry and Orange Ice Cream. Argentina and Chile have Dulce de Leche and the center is filled with dulce de leche or candy made of milk. Wherever you go in the world you are almost guaranteed to find a new and unique flavor of Oreo.

Oreo cookies can be eaten in large amounts without getting sick of the flavor. They can also be dipped the cookie in milk. Oreo’s catch phrase on each pack is “Milk’s Favorite Cookie” and it has earned that name.


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105 Year Old Cookie The Best Cookie