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YouTuber Uses Clickbait

Jazzy Tompkins , Staff Reporter

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It is understandable for YouTubers to use clickbait for their videos because they need the views in order for their channel to grow. One particular YouTuber that does this is Jake Paul. Paul began posting videos on Vine in September 2013. Once Vine shut down, he and other Viners moved to making YouTube videos. He should have ended his career right when Vine got shut down, but his channel took off and he got to star in Disney Channel’s new comedy series Bizaardvark. Due to legal issues in Paul’s neighborhood, Disney Channel decided to release Paul from Bizaardvark and have him move on to adult acting roles.

Paul is currently at 10 million subscribers with over 2.21 billion total views. The reason why Paul has that many people subscribed to him or even to watch some of his videos is because of the reckless behavior and the attention he wants from people. Paul is a nice person to be around with but his behavior these past couple of months are getting out of control. People never knew much of Jake Paul until he appeared on Bizaardvark. The way Paul is acting right now is not being a good role model to all of his fans. Yes he is just trying to show that you can have fun and doing things to make fans happy but he pushes it way too far. So far he has been tricking people on what has been going on in his life and that includes his own fans.

There is an incident that is going on with Paul and his Team 10 members that involves YouTuber FaZe Banks and Paul’s assistant. The incident occurred about a couple of weeks ago but didn’t hit social media until Aug. 18. Paul uploaded a YouTube video titled “My assistant was assaulted…,” claiming Banks cheated on girlfriend Alissa Violet and assaulted Jake’s assistant Meg at a nightclub in Los Angeles. Banks uploaded a response video to Paul hours later. Paul and Banks video are different but Paul has been very quiet about the incident.

Paul is a busy person like any other celebrity but why has he been quiet about his assistant being assaulted? If it were a Team 10 member or anyone else that is close to him he would do everything he can to help out in that situation. Is it because he doesn’t care about his assistant or what’s stopping him from this? The whole incident with Banks and Paul’s assistant, Paul’s ex-girlfriend Alissa actually spoke about Paul was very abusive to her in their relationship and with other females in his life. This could potentially mean that Paul and his assistant has had some problems before and she could be scared to speak about them.

Now since this incident, Paul hasn’t been around the Team 10 house due to business meetings and traveling to certain places. On Aug. 23, Nick Crompton and other team 10 members got some information by police, about not being able to vlog at their own house anymore and if they want to vlog their they will need to get a permit to do so. It is unfair to them for this to happen to them but they really brought this on themselves. Paul did release a video titled “Moving into my brother’s apartment (we got evicted).” This was something that we all saw coming due to what Paul and his Team 10 members have been showing in their videos. Being reckless and not caring about people and includes safety, along with the news showing what they have been doing lately and of course the neighbors trying to get them to move out of there.

The one thing that isn’t really clear about Jake Paul is why is he doing all these things for attention. Yes people do like to watch his videos but he just takes things way too far. He is old enough to realize his actions and just take it down a little bit. He has been getting a lot of hate lately and that can really bring someone down and actually change the way they are. Paul even shows in his videos that he is still having fun and trying to live his life but toward the end of his videos he talks about how he is trying to change to make things better for everyone and including himself. That is a big thing to do for him and everyone will appreciate it a lot but I think he should apologize to what he has been doing lately especially to his neighbors and fans. Hopefully Paul and other people can learn from him or try to change things around so nothing bad will come around and really affect them.


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YouTuber Uses Clickbait