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Tyler Vu, Sports Editor

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On Jan. 12, Chargers’ owner Dean Spanos decided to relocate the franchise from San Diego to Carson City. The Chargers played in the Qualcolm Stadium for almost 56 seasons. Spanos’s decision was based on the future of the franchise, believing the team could pull in more fans and a renovated location. However, this decision is absurd, as Spanos’s real reason for the move was to gain fame and revenue, a true “heart-breaking moment” for the city of San Diego.

The first issue is, there is no clear stadium for the franchise. The Chargers are currently sharing the StubHub stadium, with the soccer team, Los Angeles Galaxy. This is not ideal for the Chargers as their schedule can conflict with the Galaxy’s schedule. Sharing the stadium requires more staff needs to prepare games for both teams, adding costs. The LA Chargers have considered a plan to build a new Stadium; however, it’s going to be shared with the Los Angeles Rams. This can be problematic at times. The New York Jets and the New York Giants, require extra crew to switch out the team’s logos and fields every week.

The Los Angeles fan base will be more diverse than the one in San Diego. But the Chargers are not the most popular team in Hollywood right now. Besides the local Ram’s fan base, Los Angeles shows signs of having a dominant Oakland Raider’s fan base. The Raiders were originally from Los Angeles. NFL fans believe since the Charger’s originated in Los Angeles, it’s only right they return. However, while the Chargers had a one-year stint in Los Angeles, the Raiders spent 15 years in Los Angeles, where they had their most glorious moments. This is the reason for the Charger’s unpopularity. If you think the fan base in San Diego is bad, what makes you think fans up in Los Angeles would be any better?

A common misconception that other fans around the NFL might have is that, if you really loved the Chargers, you should still support them in Los Angeles, as said by Cowboy’s owner Jerry Jones. While it may seem easy, it’s actually not. Look at the Dallas Cowboys. When you think of the Cowboys, you think of the City of Dallas. You don’t think of the state, but a specific city. Imagine if the Cowboys, were to move to Houston. Rebellion and violent protests across the city of Dallas would result. The Chargers defined San Diego and the team represented the city as a whole. Just like the Chargers, San Diego is the underdog. We aren’t the most popular city when compared to Los Angeles or New York. However, San Diegans are always trying to prove others wrong, believing that San Diego has the same amount of greatness and potential as other bigger cities. This goes for the Chargers too, no one gives them a chance, but the Chargers end up proving the doubters wrong.

Of course, Spanos wants to make more revenue for his franchise as any NFL team owner would. He has the right to decide whether or not he wants to relocate the Chargers. However, it does not dismiss the fact that there is no promising or obvious reason for the move. San Diego supported the Chargers achievements but also the Chargers worst moments. Clearly the unpleasant moments outweigh the best moments, but that did not matter to San Diego, the city was with the Chargers throughout this long journey. Despite this, Spanos saw the bright lights and fame that Los Angeles brought and the desperate owner knew he had to take advantage of this opportunity, similar to a tragic divorce. The victim who has been with his or her spouse for so long, then suddenly is abandoned by him/ or her for a younger, more alluring mate.






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