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Full Effect Wins!

Picture taken by Leonard Dirilo

Picture taken by Leonard Dirilo

Picture taken by Leonard Dirilo

Cristina Sandoval and Elissa Huynh

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On February 17, Otay Ranch’s Full Effect Show Choir won first place for San Diego Sings, also called “Legacy”, at Lincoln High School.  

San Diego Sings is a Southern Californian show choir competition hosted by Bonita Vista High School at Lincoln High School’s theater. It involves a novice, intermediate and advanced divisions with all boys, all girls and mixed groups, said Noreen Arroyo, Full Effect president.  

In the intermediate mixed division, the choir performed against three other show choirs: Sound Waves from John Burroughs High School, Center Stage from Eastlake High School and Encore from Pacifica High School. Full Effect earned first place in showmanship, in musicianship and overall.  

The choir sang three songs and their performance was directed by Mark McCann and choreographed by Johnathan Ross. All members wore black pants, a black shirt, a white lab coat and big scientist-like goggles to look like mad scientists. They also incorporated props such as a light-up sphere, podiums and a whiteboard. Max Akerlundh played the main mad scientist. 

“Before we went up a lot of people were super nervous because half of the choir this was their first competition ever,” said Arroyo. “During the performance I felt high energy everyone was super into it and after the performance we were super relieved it was over and we felt that we put our best work out.”  

David Legg arranged the songs “Madness” and “Weird Science.” Last year, Full Effect use pre-arranged songs so having an arranger allows them to sing more complex harmonies with higher difficulty, said Arroyo.  

The choir opened with “Madness” by the English rock band Muse. Jolina Galano, ORHS junior, performed the solo in this piece. 

“Hymn of Acxium” was next and it was arranged by Vienna Teng. The song was sung as an acapella, which is a song sung with just voices with no background music, by the choir. The acapella allowed the audience and judges to focus on just the choir’s voices and dance moves which helped them raise their scores and keep the audience engaged and entertained.  

The group ended with “Weird Science”, a fast-paced song written by Oingo Boingo. 

Overall, the performance was very spirited and heartfelt, from the choir members’ voices being loud and passionate to their energetic dance moves that the choir spent months working on. 

All four choirs were judged subjectively on according to Mr. McCann 

Members of the choir were shocked but happy when they heard they won first place.  

“I definitely did not think we were going to win,” Galano said. “We all thought we would get third or something.” 

Heather Corbin said the group was able to win first place because of their dedication and hard work in terms of performance.  

“Winning first place caught us all by surprise as all the other show choirs that performed were amazing in terms of musicianship, showmanship and their overall set,” Corbin said.  

Corbin added that the team did not even have their full set to perform or have costume changes like the other groups had.  

“When we watched the other choirs, we were supper supportive and amazed by the creative ideas and creative sets,” said Arroyo. “It was really positive and encouraging experience.” 

Full Effect Show Choir’s next performance will be a showcase at Eastlake High School’s theater on Wednesday, March 14th, at 6 pm. The next competition is at Oceanside High School on April 6.  

“I love Full Effect they’re amazing,” said Arroyo. “I wanna give everyone a kiss.”

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Full Effect Wins!