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Famous Dogs in Social Media

Photo of Jojo the Surfing Corgi taken by Noreen Arroyo

Photo of Jojo the Surfing Corgi taken by Noreen Arroyo

Photo of Jojo the Surfing Corgi taken by Noreen Arroyo

Elissa Huynh, In Depth Editor

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People can’t seem to get enough of adorable dogs. Dog owners can transform their pets into stars through social media. Famous dogs like Boo the Pomeranian receive attention and steal the hearts of internet users.

In 2009, the Facebook page that made Boo the world’s cutest dog launched and went viral according to Daily Mail. His photographs look good because his haircut stands out due to being shaved. He has approximately 17 million followers and even has books published about him like Boo: The Life of the World’s Cutest Dog.

Dog accounts on Instagram also gain many followers. @spicedogsss has 268K followers. It focuses on one Maltese and four Poodles from South Korea.

“Their names are like Garlic, Honey, etcetera,” said Jessie Lee, ORHS junior who follows @spicedogsss. “They are super adorable and I like how the owner of the account does a lot of photoshoots so I see pictures of them wearing costumes. They’re really good quality. They also post videos of them eating or sleeping or dancing.”

People enjoy @spicedogsss because they are well groomed and the owner invests a lot into their photos making them different, said Lee.

Jojo from @supercorgi_jojo on Instagram is the world’s only surfing corgi and has 71.5K followers. He is from southern California.

“I like his account because he is a super cute dog and one of my favorite breeds,” said Noreen Arroyo, ORHS senior who follows Jojo. “I also like watching his surfing videos because it’s such an incredible sport that I didn’t know dogs were capable of doing.”

Jojo’s account consists of photos of him dressed up like Disney characters and posed with the characters at Disneyland, said Arroyo.

“I got the opportunity to meet him in real life at a surf dog competition held in Del Mar,” said Arroyo. “I got to pet him for a while and even take some fun pics.”

Dogs on the internet attract fans and show off their cuteness. From @itsdougthepug with 3.2M followers, @marniethedog with 2.1M followers, @toastmeetsworld with 377K followers to more, people love famous dogs

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Famous Dogs in Social Media